paragraph; Causes of Terrorism

As Christopher Hitchens said

                 “Terrorism is the tactic of demanding the impossible and demanding it at gun point.”

 Terrorism is a way to demand anything illegally .This is a path that has no borders. Especially the followers of this path are blood shaders, violence makers and the main enemies of humanity. The part and every state of the world is affected by the terrorism. Corrupted government and its sub-departments are responsible of this act. Because the Corrupted government compel the people to follow this path. Some of the people follow this way due to poverty, un-educating conditions of both religious and modern educating. These kinds of people have no care of themselves ,society and the country, because they are like robots who have to perform this act in any condition and at any cost. The other major factors of this problem are poverty, lack of religious education and the main is feudal system. Because this system compelles its followers especially in villages so many people follow the path of terrorism due to this. Later on, that people to whom feudal system became the cause of being terrorist, they start revenging from the system. So, finally if we want to get rid from this main problem then, we should choose that leaders who should be un-corrupted and could stop this evil.



Paragraph; The problem of beggary and our duty

As Nelson Mandela said

                                                  "As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do same."

Every society consists of different people having different habits and acts. Among those people some of them have capability to change their lives by hard working .In addition to this these courageous people choose an ideal person who becomes the cause of inspiring and encouraging them. But, at least some of them become dependent on others and they start begging .For this action, when these reasons like lack of confidence,disabilities,mental illness are found in people then they start begging . These beggars are found in busy places like transport routes, markets and in urban parks also. These beggars beg different things like some of them beg for food, some of them beg for shelter, some of them beg for getting rid of from the disease which they face. Along with this some of them beg for drugs without of which they can't survive. It is an alarming situation for the society .Now it is our duty to help them in positive way as well as we should manage training centers to guide these kinds of people. In addition to this we should educate them in centers, through this way we can overcome this problem .Because educating people is like watering a plant .It means as we water a plant, the cells of the plant supply it to the whole plant of the body. So in the light of this phenomena if we educate a beggar or any poor person his coming generation will be guided by him and he will save his new generation from this evil act.SO finally, do see the problem that how it is critical, trust on yourself and educate the poor as well as beggars because one lightning candle will remove the darkness of whole room.







It is said that 

                           " A well designed welfare state can actually encourage people to take chances with their jobs and be more not less, open to changes."

 A welfare state is always keen to provide some special facilities to its masses. That government does perfect work without any differece of religion, race and color among the masses. It  will also encourage  the people and never believe the hindrance and does everything in perfect way for the public . Government of that state will always focus on the different systems like system of educating system,system of justice and specially for the rights of the masses.Because ,if the public of that state get their right without any hindrace they will also support their Government . In addition to support government will also show iron hand against those departments which do corruption and give less importance to public . The main thing government will pay its full attention towards peaceful conditions,it will also prefer best techonological system for  defence department . Along with this ,government also puts full attetion on the working of defence department . For peaceful conditions government will not bear any kind of unwanted resposibilities from defence department . As a result that state will progress rapidly and masses  willl be more prosperous  and will be facilited woth new comforts.

Article; The Impressions Of Losing Someone

It is said that,

                             ”It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel special yesterday, makes you feel unwanted today."

In this world Allah, the Kind has created every creature in couple. He also placed every couple of creature in its right place. In human beings everyone makes a partner with whom he shares his joys, feelings, sorrows. He feels pleasure when he looks his partner and  is keens to listen something from his partner. If at any stage when his couple betrays him or says him goodbye without any reason, firstly he feels sad and break into pieces and loses hope of loving more. Due to the bad reaction he feels sad and misses every moment of time which he passed with his partner. Instead of making new partner he thinks for the reason of bad reaction and leaving of partner without any reason. Infact when he tries to know the reason from his partner, he again faces the same condition as well as rudeness, and unwanted impressions. In addition to he starts to live lonely and does not make new partner or a friend. Due to Betraying from his old partner he also starts to  misbehave with everyone. In addition to this he does not share his joys and sorrows  with other one. So finally don't do this kind of misbehaves with your real partner otherwise one day "you will awake and realize that you lost the moon while counting stars."  

Paragraph: Loyalty

As it is quoted that 

                         " Blood makes you related and loyalty makes you family."

 Actually loyalty is name of respect, love and being honest to one to whom you love and share your joys and sorrows. As being loyal to someone, you may encounter many obstacles on your chosen path, but it shows your determination that how you show staunch to your dearest one. Loyalty can be shown with anyone like with your family friend or with your first and last love. It’s not important that how you are looking good in your personality but important is that how much are you loyal to your dearest one. Especially when you enter in your practical life, loyalty shows your real face that how much are you loyal with your wife, the lady who left her everything behind trusted you in that way that you will be her supporter when she will feel alone and you show your loyalty whenever she will need you in her hard time. So the actual meaning of loyalty is to stand along with your partner at the eleventh hour. 


It’s a saying that;

                "Strongest people make time to help others even if they are struggling with their own."

In this world everyone possesses a habit or skill due to which he gets familiarity. Everyone likes him and hopes that this person will help us in the hard time. Among that skills the one skill is "helping others". In a society everyone needs help in some hard times, and he hopes that there will be one person who will help me and will try at his best level to overcome on my need. So if you help someone you feel some sort of pleasure and comfort after helping that particular needy person. Helping others is also a way of communication through which you can get awareness about that person to whom you are helping. If we see the history of Islam there are several examples and incidents of helping others. Especially when the Muslims started migration from Mecca to Madina they were unknown for the Muslims of Madina but the Muslims of Madina helped them heartily and even they shared their lands with them. The Muslims of Madina showed their brotherhood and helped them financially, socially without any difference of race and color. There are so many hadiths and  specially versus of which guides us and orders us to helping others, like in a Hadith it is said that "Who ever brought his Muslim brother out of dis-comforts, Allah the Kind will bring him out of the dis-comforts of the day of the resurrection." As well as in the light of verses Quran Allah the Kind says that"Help one another in furthering virtue and Allah consciousness and don't help one another in furthering evil and enmity.". So at least we should help other needy persons and through this habit we can overcome on the problem of each and other.





According to a quote;

 Honesty is like a candle in the dark night


In this world different people possess different habits and they get pleasure by following them.Among those habits "honesty is also a best habit. Actually this habit makes you habitual to perform any work in proper way,due to this habit other people show you respect and it also makes your personality best. There are lot of honest people in this world who are sincere with their work honestly . The main effect of this habit plays a vital role in the progress of the country,let's take the example of the prime minister of any country if the prime minister of that country works honestly then the sub-departments of that country will work honestly and the main thing that the prime minister will never bear dishonesty by any officer of that country, and this policy  will directly effect on the progress of the country. But those country which are run by dis-honest leaders that countries face lot of of problems as well as the destructive issues like Terrorism, war, poverty, which directly effects on the progress of that country and due to these kind of issues people will not survive in better way. if we strictly follow the policy of honesty we will get rid of these dangerous issues, otherwise be ready for more destructive issues in future.